Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Glad =)

Hie, time for blogging again. Today no any picture or crap to talk about. Today i just feel glad that few of my frens is reading my blog. Thanks =) I've never expect that they will gonna read my blog... hehehe.... Anyway thanks to u guys, of ur efforts reading all my crap ♥ ~~~
For those long lost fren, really long time never meet u guys and chat wif u guys. I'm doin good here. Life have been not good all the time actually but i'm trying my best to hope that my life will be meaningful, happy & great. Mayb when people grow older and older, things to worry bcome more n more. Everyday feel frustrated, emo, headache, sad. Sound terrible???
I do have a happy moments, chillin wif frens, getting drunk, dancing at the club, heart to heart sessions wif my budd. Don't try asked me about my love life... coz it's really complicated till i oso can't explain. Let's just keep it simple and move it slowly everyday by itself. When things gonna happen then just let it happen.
Anyway, thanks for u guys concern, get contact bck alwiz...... Ohh ya, yesterday having nice session at Lost World wif Cheron &her frens. I'm waiting for the picha to upload :p Can't wait for that  ...... sounds i do enjoy huh.... tat's we call life  :) Enjoy every moment while u can.

Location: HomE, IpoH

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