Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cr@zy Nitez :)

A great nite wif Cheron babe & Queen's :) As usual.... when we sit together, what we do is laugh NON-STOP. We've been hanging around at Oval listening to live band and every time when turn to love songs or our favorite song, we will look at each other face and thinking back the moment wif "someone"
When that time, we will alwiz bcome tipsy and laugh non-stop even our heart is sad. And each of us oso know it very well. But still a great nite wif girls..... chatting, laughing and sharing  :) Love u guyss.......

Me ♥ Cheron

me ♥ Queenie & our white wine ~~~~

me :: Cheron :: Queen 

Cheers ~~~  ♥♥

 Oppsss.... hehehe  :)

Place : Oval, IpoH

I hope that we can hang out always and sharing our memories when not in tipsy mode. hahahahaha...... But u guys are great, no matter one of us really need one of us to talk or shoulder, me or u guys will always here. I hope that next time that we share is about happy thing and not emo..... heheheh.....    ♥ u all ~~~~ muaxxxxx

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