Saturday, July 10, 2010

An unexpected gift (@_@) ♥ ♥

Last few days, i received  an unexpected gift from him. What i happy is not that what gift he giving me but the heart that thinking of me. Until now, i'm not really 100% sure what he is thinking but i really glad. He started to show he care, get an unexpected call from him, unexpected words for him, unexpected dinner with him and a lot unexpected thing that he never done before.
I knew he not always be the same. Sometimes may be cold to me, left me alone, not care about me but recently i notice that he knew about me just do not want to say it out. I really wish i'm special for him and i'm the one who always in his mind. This is really what i hope for. 
I really wanted to tell him,when he say "I love you", the world stops for a moment, the stars stop shining, the moon stops glowing, the earth stops breathing, all that's alive is our love ... I was so surprise coz all been a while he never mention this word to me but when he said that, i'm stunt for a while. This words is the biggest present from him. 
Thank you for everything. I don't need any other things from you but just your love. It would be great and more than everything. I know you've been busy and no time for me coz i know is your time now. Wishing you had lots winner in your race and i can see that you really a good jockey. I told you before, the way ur serious look is really attract me. Even though your appearance look like never serious but i know you actually you are serious with your career. I can really sees that you like your job so much. I feel proud of you.
To love you is like nothing I've ever felt before, a feeling like I'll melt every time you're around me. I do not know it will last how long but i really so appreciate now. Thanks for the gift ~~~ So sweet of you  :) 

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