Monday, June 28, 2010

Tired of waiting....

Every morning I wait to see
If you would pass me by
I know that you don't think of it
I don't have to ask you why

I pray for the slightest moment
When you and I could talk
We could laugh at how our day is going
And maybe we could take a walk

But knowing you, you have no time
I cannot blame you at all
But you can't blame me for wanting you
As I walk alone in the hall

If I am able to make time for us
Then shouldn't you be able too?
It seems that everything that's done...
I do it all for you

You want us both to take it slow
But how slow do you really mean?
Because it seems like we're going nowhere
It's like the end with no in-between

It hurts me so, to see you there
It hurts to know how you feel
Because our emotions are so the same
But I wonder if it's really real

To know that you feel that for me
But you have no time for it
You know that I’m on the verge of doubt
It's hard not to ignore it

I do not want to hurt again
I know you don't want to try
But it seems that there's no time for me
And that makes me want to cry

You claim to not have a life
But I have none just as well
I'm trying to make something out of this
In case you couldn't tell....

The signs are pointing strongly around
My feelings remain the same
I'm trying hard to make this work
But to you, I do not give the blame

I never mean to rush you
But it seems that time is fading
I can only stay so long for you
But I’m just so tired of waiting..

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