Friday, December 17, 2010

My Off Day !!^^

It's Sunday and is my off day !!!! Trying to get my ass out from my bed.Me and my bestie Queenie been planning for a bridal hopping. She need to get a Cheong Sam for her annual dinner. Wake up at 11.00 pm but when we get ready to go out from the house, is already 2.00 pm. Hahahahha...... Straight we head down to town and visited for few bridal shop.
When my first move, step into the bridal shop,  i had a feeling that I've never had before. The feeling is so warm and when i see every of the couple inside choosing the gown, the smile of their face is different. The wedding gown is so nice and the picture of the couple is so sweet. All the while i was thought that a marriage is just procedure to verify the status is to be husband and wife. Taking picture, wedding ceremony, having dinner is a troublesome matter.
Now i know, is more than that. When the day, the bride wearing the gown the feeling is not the same. Is not a troublesome matter. Is not just a status only. 
We been going few of the bridal shop and end up have to try those dinner dress because no much option of the Cheong Sam. Some are very nice but very expensive. The dress that she found it nice about RM600.00. Wearing for 1 night and have to return to back. End up, she decided to bought a dress at KL. We did not take any picture because they not allowed us to do  :( but she already bought a very beautiful dress at KL. 
After that we had our lunch + dinner at secret garden about 5PM. There is a very nice place to chill. To had our dinner, happy hour and chilling with wine there. 
Been trying to steal the picture from other website. Because i din take picture  :p
It look more nice when at night with the lights :)

the mushroom soup.... hmmm... quite nice. The soup is smooth but a little too much milk  

Just a simple salmon salad but the taste is nice  :)

Cabonara pasta with mushroom....  I  ♥ cabonara very much.... and i know is FAT!!!!

Never take this picture but wanna intro few of the dishes there. This is what they call four season. 4 Season - A set of four types of sandwiches; Salmon with capers on toasted baguette, Salad sandwich of mixed greens stuffed in a pita pocket, English Sandwich with a squared sunny side up, and the Steak Sandwich between whole-grain bread.

At last but not least, after eat of coz we need a drink that can relax ...... I've been heading to a club at ipoh garden east called LAVISH. Is a new bar in Ipoh. 
My medicine to get sleep better  :)

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