Monday, May 17, 2010

I think......

I'm telling myself at first, "it can't be", "it's not possible". That's what i told myself. Hmmmmm......... there's no way that i'm in love with you. just jealousy and i must be lonely. I tried fooling myself but now i can't hide it anymore. I think  i love you, it must be true coz i miss you when you're not around. I can't do anything and i keep thinking about..... seeing how things are..... i know.
I'm falling for you and i didn't realize it. Now i need you all of the time. I now understand that somehow, you're already grown deep in my heart.  :)
They say we're not suitable for each other. That is better for us to be friends. From one to ten, we can never agree anything.How can we be in a relationship? When everyone says we can't last? Their words have been in my thought but i don't want to think about anymore.
Why didn't realize what i felt about you immediately? Why didn't i see you when you were just in front of my eyes? The whole time you were just bsides me all along.Why i didn't realize that i've loved you all along? My heart keeps telling me that i shouldn't let go of you and that i should be greedy....... it's saying stuff that's stupid.  =_=''
At the moment, i'm happy right now, it's like i'm dreaming a dream. I dun wish the happiness will end so fast. Can't you give me your love? Can this be impossible? now i still know i love you so much........

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