Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feeling Frustrated .... a.k.a Annie's Birthday :)

I think a lot of things recently... i keep on askin myself same question. I know the theory, everybody oso tellin me the same thing. Everyone askin me to give up or not to fall to deep but i already am. I really don't wish to end up like that, i dun wan give up. Even though he got no more feeling to me but i will still love with all i can. I know if i tell this, they will scold me and ask me don't be stupid and life's must go on.
Yup, tis is not all i want. I try push myself not to think and control my feeling very hard. Loving someone that not love you anymore is so pain and suffer. I think i will love him silently even everyone scold me and told me that he is not deserve for me. We both are far away now but i really hope i can see him. i miss him so much. I wish to shout out that how much i miss him but he far away from me.


Feelin not been really good and i'm sick for 3 days. My heart is uncomfortable so i asked my friend to go out and have a drink. That night i purposely want to drunk. That night is Annie's birthday too. so, end up i go Lush and celebrate birthday wif Annie and bunch of people.  :)
Happy Birthday Annie, hope you will happy alwiz and every wish u make will come true. That nite i was drunk and really enjoying with u guys  :)

me, kent & Annie

Annie & me

Lots of people  :)

me & Kent

Daniel trying to teach me smoke.... hahahaha....

Dance till sweat a lot...huh.....

Place: Lush, IpoH

Once again, Happy Birthday Annie  :) All the best for you. After that nite, I'm enjoying but the next day i'm still on emo mood. I hate staying at home alone and think useless thing. I hope i can do something can make the relationship arise back. What else i can do??? I really cant think of anything........


  1. how come dun have me?

  2. because i oso duno where you goin oso. I think got you la.... but i din took picture with you. Maybe u took wif another person :p