Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back to where i am =)

Yes.... and yes.... i'm bck to where i belong. Struggle for so long at last decide to move bck and not going stay Singapore. I maybe going work there but not now. I know some people will dissapointed with my decision but i really do NOT happy stayin there.
I MENTION once again, *if u see my blog* my main reason to come back not because i so enjoying my life here and for drink. No matter how many times i wanted to explain , u wont listen to me. U just think i cant let go of the entertainment here. Anyway, I wont mind and bother anymore coz YOU are really like this. Never try understand and ask my situation before u said / scold me. I've already used to it.
Anyway, at last i make my decision to come back. Thanks to Queen coz wake up 4 in the morning and come and fetch me from bus station. hehehehh.... really wanna thanks u  :) It's too early and i'm hanging at queen's home. She continue sleeping and i'm online Facebook till 7am. We go Foh San eat Dim Sum. I realise how nice of Ipoh food.
After eating, we been planning to go for Lost World. We been planning for so many times and tis time, we made it. hahahahahha...... Even i dun like playin so hyper thingy but i still enjoy.  =) And we take a lot picture too.....

On ur way to Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh  :)

Sunny day...~~wee~~

Time to play water...*YES*

Our visit to petting zoo

Hippo big mouth.... wakakakka....

me & Queen ♥

Wanna jump ????

Waiting to buy some drinks  :p

Water is so nice...but.....

Swan boat  :)

Location: Loast World, IpoH

I do really enjoy that day even though a bit tired coz i reach Ipoh at the same day. YES!!!! i do really enjoy my life in Ipoh. No wonder i'm so miss Ipoh. hahahahah......

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