Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Life Starts in Singapore~~

Today is my 4th day in Singapore. Feeling wasn't rite. Really hope someone at my side and  could talk out. I feel myself being strange since i'm here, not active like the time in Ipoh. I bcome so silent, doesn't want to go out, i worried a lot of thngs, i wish i could make myself easy. 
I'm not sure is my problem or the food. I'm having diarrhea & vomit in this 2 days. Tere is something i wanted to tell him but i know he dun wan to care coz i know him very well. i remember wat i told to queen. If i make a decision rite this, i should not bother other things else. but since i came here, i worried a lot and  bcome weak. 
i cant stand for the pressure and his attitude being easy come easy go.
This is really bothering me for tis few days. Gosshhh......  hope someone could help me. Mayb as they said, i need more time to make myself comfortable here. i really got the action to move bck ipoh but....... tere is something i really duno how to said. 
ohhhh ya..... thanks babe for my farewell. I really miss u guys so much. I wish could bck and work but i dun wan just give up like this. i hope i can have more time to myself to love singapore. 

Annie & me 

Thanks for u guys, Ji muizz forever  :p

me & yin li  <3

My new fren since i'll bck ipoh and they're so good. Miss u guys  :)

Babe, i miss u so much  :(

Thanks babe for the farewell  

Giz, me, Queen

Giz, Lou, me  :)

Thanks syg for everything. :)

Location: Oval, Ipoh.

Should i continue my new journey in singapore or i back Ipoh?? i duno how to explain le...... 

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