Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Congratulation Vicky's babe ♥ ♥ ♥

I realised how long i din write my blog  :p Ooopppsss.... too lazy. Anyway wanna congrate to Vicky's babe. Hope she had fun on her birthday and ROM day ♥ hmmm... she having a hard time but now i hope she will doin fine. GBU......

She started her new life and wif new status  :) Really happy for her. Congratz once again  :)

Happy Birthday

vicky : me : queen : giz

is us  :)

cheron, vicky, me, queen, giz

  babes  :)

Congratulation once again  :)

lovely Couple :)

What we doin when waitin for the couple??? Yes!!!! Picture again...hahahahah

Vicky ♥ Vincent

queen : Vicky : Vincent  : me

Place : Oval,De Garden
Hmmm.... after the marriage be ppl wife di liao lo..... anyway we are happy for you. Enjoying your brand new life babe. The day he give u suprise, presents on ur birthday, i can see u smile brightly. Have a happy marriage God Bless you 2  :)

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