Friday, May 28, 2010

Club again!!!!!

Someone saids not going to club anymore but somehow there's a person going to club. wahahahahahha........ But anyway i still enjoying to club with you like those old days. Just me and you sitting at the bar been gossip and discuss about *someone* everyday. And bcoz of you, i meet this *someone* i feel that special to me.
Nowadays we still been talking about the same thing but there's won't be like last time. Hoping and thinking if there's is still hope. Coz you already know the answer and experience.  :) I can really tell tat i still enjoying clubbing. Dance like nobody looking at you. Dance all you can to express the feeling out. 
When we drunk, we will laugh each other for those stupid things we said. Laughing non-stop and people think we are crazy. I do not know when i will be having my life like this until when but i do enjoy the moment now. This moment i never had for 4 years plus. So now i'm gonna replace what i'm missing now  :)

 me and queen

me and cheron

Oval-ing wif the babes (queen and Giz)

 "drunk" face

Two of us as alwiz  :)

My hawwtttt babessss  

As usual crazy ~~~

The mangsatsssss ~~~

Place: Random, IpoH

Now started to work and i'm always kinda lazy coz tired after work. So, sometimes when babes ask me out i feel kinda lazy. During last time when i jobless, i still can crazy everyday with u guys.Hahahahahah...... but when during my desperate time when i need a shoulder and need someone talk to too.. You guys never hesitate and will be there for me  :) I love u the mangsatsssss.........   

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