Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brand New of 2♥1♥ ~~~

My Life Start in 2010 ~~~~heheheh....

Time passing so fast, and now is 2010 and i'd still enjoying wif my frens and babes at the club. Nice knowing them and they're so funny and cool. Knowing them not long ago (about 1 months++) and i still remember that i met bck queenie and this is how i start to knew this guys...hahahah......
What a cute frens.... This is my first time blogging, so nothin much to say and just enjoying the picture  =)

Queenie, me

Leong, Lou, Queen, me

F4: Jason, thai yang, lou, Leong

me, thai yang

michael, me

is us again (me,queenie)

Veronica, me

Queenie, me, Jason

Seems someone takes part when both of us takes pic ya.......

Queenie, me

Place: Club9

So, we will wait for the nxt day and take pic crazily....... huuhuh... cant wait  =p

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