Friday, January 29, 2010

♥Shoppin Moments ♥

Hmmmm..... been shoppin in KL with Queenie's babe  =) We spendin a nite in KL but we still haven't get enough time to shop other place. Just hanging around at Kl city such as Pavillion, Sg. Wang and Time Squares and we are crazy about maxi dress. We've been buying a lot maxi dress. hahahaha..... but still not enough.
At nite we've been chillin at Hartamas. Gosh.... I miss KL so much. We din go any club just hang around some small cafe and have a drink tere wif Meng Wei fren's. Know some 2 nice guy. Daniel & Danny... hahahha..... Funny and nice guys  =) We keep laughing whole nite coz Danny speak mandarin and cantonese. Danny is not fluent in cantonese and mandarin  =p
The Next day, we shop at "Times Square" but not in the mood coz not enough sleep and Queen's is sick =(  but we still able to buy some maxi dress...... *hahahahhaha* Thanks to Meng wei's coz he fetch us bck frm KL bck to Ipoh so we no nid to take bus. Hmmm... poor thing is, they took our sleeping face inside car and post up to Facebook. Haiz.......

We at Fortuna Hotel  =)

me @ i-dragon eatin

@ Pavillion

me  =)

Queenie & Me

Scare police will catch me... hahaha

Goin out at nitez time

Place : KL, Everywhere

****Will very hardworking to update my blog. kekekeke....... quite lazy sometimes.****

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