Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Jimuiz Birthday ♥ Sweet ♥

Jimuiz Jasmine Birthday Bash~~~

Hey~~~ is my dearest jimuiz birthday and yes..... we got a celebration with her  =) We were chatting, taking pictures, eating and makes a lot of fun to SOMEONE "CHU" hahahahah...... we just like to make fun of her but this year, our dearly "aeroplane queen" is not here wif us. What a waste~~~~

Anyway what a suprise is paik ie is tere too...... Never seen her about an ages. Just met her 3 times at the club  =p Is great seeing everyone is doing good and our relations is still the same. All are still jimuiz and best fren forever.

Anyway i wish my dearie " Happy Birthday" and all the wishes she makes will come true and i hope we will celebrating everyone of us birthday together. Happy Alwiz  =) and god bless us.....

Birthday Cake to her  =)

xxx  Hmmm... all the Jimuiz xxx

        Jasmine, Joe 

Chu, Paik Ie, Me, Jasmine

Birthday Gurl ~~

me, Jasmine =)

 Happy Family photo

Place : Precious Time

Still missing to hang out wif u guys  =) we should come out more and takes more picture but next time must be all jimuiz are here  =)  huhuh......

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