Thursday, January 7, 2010

TryiN tO cOOk ~~~

My CooKinG ♥ !

Since i got nothin to do at home so i'm trying some recipe. I've been searching a lot some easy recipe so i can cook. hehehe...... My fridge got nothin so i have to cook wif few ingredients only.
Last few days, i was craving for salad so i'm thinking to do my own but i'm still working hard for the dressing...... I've got no idea and not much ingredients, so i make a simple way.
And i found chicken breast on my fridge, so i'll be thinking to make it as well and chicken breast is not "FAT" (for me). Taste is not bad but still need to hardwork for the taste..... to make it more tasty. I'm not good in cooking!!!!!!

Salad..... (simple dish)
Ingredients: Lettuce, Chicken breast(cooked), Tomato Cherries, French Baguette(i replace it garlic bread *do my own*) , egg (boiled).
I mix all together with : Mayonese, mustard,olive oil, lemon juice, cheese, garlic, pepper and salt. hmmmm.... taste bit weird with the mayonese (hahahh) should try another dressing for next time =D

♥ Salad ♥
Ingredients: Garlic,Chicken Breast, Carrot, Cabbage,Egg, tomato cherries and Maggie mee (Most important).
Maggie Mee
I cooked with: Cooked the garlic,chicken breast and all veggies about 5 mins then crack the egg in it. Stir them around to scramble them and when the egg start to set, combine with the noodle. Then i put the packet of seasoning, a bit dark soy sauce and a bit soy sauce (if u want to). Stir them around about 1-2 mins and serve it. Then i squeeze some lime juice and put some tomato cherries garnish.
♥Maggie Mee Goreng♥
Ingredients: Chicken Breast as well, garlic, Veggies (as you like), mashed potatoes and rice.
Chicken w/ rice

I marinated the chicken breast with maggie soy seasoning, garlic, sesame oil and pepper for fews hour.

I deep fry the chicken until cooked. And i make my own mashed potatoes. I boiled the potatoes until soft and mix it with butter, milk, salt and pepper. ♥ ♥

♥ Chicken Rice ♥
It was ready to be serve. This 3 meals was so simple and i cooked it without much ingredients. So, i simply cook. It's just too simple. Hmmmm..... i will try to find more dishes and try to cook more. After cookin, i have to wash the dish and i'm lazy.... hahahah.... but at last i have to clean up all the things by myself. I'm trying to look for a nice plate but this is all i have...... all keep up by my mum. I cant find it. =D
Place: Home, IpOh
I dun have camera, all taken by phone camera so kinda a bad quality. My nxt target should buy a camera.... huhuhuh...... =D

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