Friday, February 26, 2010

Not in the mood :(

Duh.... i really wanna leave here as soon as possible. This place is too much of gossip and watever kind of people. I had more than enough today. I can realise tat people that are close to you and hang out  with you, at the same time they can talk bad behind about you  :(
I'm not sure about people's heart anymore. I really do wanna tell to that person, if you duno anything plssss..... keep your mouth shut. Think b4 u talk. Many ppl asked me not to care. Thanks for the concern  :) I'm not gonna care and bother about this but it do really spoil my mood today. Everyone got mistakes too and depends on how they handle it. I do not said i dun make any mistakes but if you think you can pretend in front of me (good to me at the front and talk bad about me at the bck ) i dun think, i still able treat u good.
You starting to pissed me off di..... I nvr do anything bad or talk behind u but u do tat to me. What i can do is, wish  *may God Bless You* so you wont have the same case happen wif u,  like me  :)

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