Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Alfie !!!!!!

To Alfie, who now live peacefully and happily with God.
Time passed really fast. It's about 2 years?? Anyhow......
 Receive my wishes and blessing from me as well as your dearest friends and loves, here. Looking us from up above. 
Partying hard up there with God .....

It’s your birthday, let’s remember those times,
With a couple, funny rhymes.
Partners in crime, since young and tender,
No matter what, we never surrender.

Young and foolish, got in trouble,
Tried to hide it; became double.
Rarely thought before we acted,
Didn’t take much, to get distracted.

Remember those times, and all that fun,
Never seemed to escape the sun.
After all those years; a bond,
Most times, I am fairly fond.

Missing you!!!!

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