Tuesday, February 2, 2010

::: DeaR VicKy :::

Hmmm.... Dear Vicky is gonna work in Genting start on this month (Feb). Knowing her not long ago but she is nice to chat wif. So, we gonna make a small farewell party with her at Vampire. Is my very first time going there and my first time heard she's singing.  =)

Honestly, i was impress wif her voice. She sounds great. Not chatting much wif her on tat day coz she so busy wif singing tere but glad to hang out wih her - Vicky, Giz, Queenie, Thai Yang, Lou, Vincent & Fei Kei.

She be gonna work tere about 3 months *If I'm not mistaken* hope she will get everything alrite tere and take care of herself ♥♥ Hope will see her soon  =) Luckily we able to take some picha...... hehehehehe.......

*Vicky - Enjoy tere*  =p

Giz, Queenie, me & Vicky 

Best of luck to u vicky  =)  xoxo

is us again.......  =)

me ♥ Vicky

Me : Fei kei : Vicky

Fei Kei is totally drunk that nite  *confirm*

Vincent ♥ Vicky

What kind of expression is tis??? ahahahaahah....

fei kei, lou, Thai yang, vincent

Guys photo  =)

Place: Vampire, IpOh

Glad to hang out wif u girls...... hope our next gathering will be comin soon  =) Hope dear vicky will +oil in genting lo...... see you soon  =)  Lots of  ♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!

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