Wednesday, February 3, 2010

::: Breakfast :::

Time for blogging again.... Early in the morning going eat dim sum wif babe & ys lim  =) We had a dim sum time at "Foo San" Ipoh.

Well, reach tere about 10.30 but still lot of ppl and no parking. We have to park at the parking area and paid RM3.00 *wat to do* . Everything was excellent, we order lots of dim sum to eat  =) Haiz.... gain lots of fats tis time.... sad =(  *sobx...sobx...*

When the food arrive, we just ate and opsss.... we almost forgot to take picture. heheheheh.... suppose wan tag all the food to Kelvin Khoo but seeing he so poor so nvr tag him. hahahahah..... I'm craving for chee cheong fun for so long. The first thing i order is chee cheong fun. hahahahah.....

me xxx Queen


This is what we eat ..... 3 people have to eat all this and most of the things is me & Queen ate all coz YS Lim cant eat all.. hahahahah  =p

Lo mai kai  =)

Egg Tart

Char siu pao

Yes, is chee cheong fun. I wait the most and craving for this for few days  =)
♥ this so much

I'm not sure what they called this but this is very nice  =) *sweet dim sum*

Place: Foo San, IpOh

Ohh yaa..... tere is still got porridge & "har kuen" we never take photo with that  =) is really full coz eat a lot of thing early in the morning. Fat...Fat...Fat..... is totally fat  =.=
Queen somemore asked us to go her father's tere and eat Kari Mee. Gosh...... I can't eat anymore. Hahahahha.....

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