Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine :)


How's your valentine gonna be??? Tis year i'm celebrating alone  :( (coz of some reason) but i still have a person to give out some presents on that day. Took me so long to get an idea to buy wat pressie....... At last, i'm thinkin to make cookies...  :) i wanted to give him a present which is made by myself.  Even nothin special about cookies, but i hope the cookies tat make by myself can show sincerity and my love to him.

Luckily, he likes it. I didn't expect a gift from him but if he appreaciate what i do to him i will be happy. I won't ask more than that. I really hope he will happy  =)

The nite b4 valentine's ...... i'm hanging out wif my babe ...... Vicky, Queen, Vince, Arvin & Karen. Actually i was sick on that day :( but i dun feel alone at home so gonna join them.We hanging out together and had a funny conversation together at Fren'z cafe. Then about 10 something, we went for club 9. Hahahaha... missing guiness so much....  :)

Queen & me

me & vicky

Queen ♥ Me ♥  Vicky

I like this picture so much  :) This we took during hang out at fren'z cafe

Queen, Me, Karen, Vicky ♥

This is my valentine's gift. Thanks to boss  :)

Thanks so much for the nite coz i dun feel that i'm lonely. You guys are just awesome  :)
♥ u guys.........

Place : Friend's Cafe & C9


Happy Roar!!!!!!

This year of cny!!!!! I can said that nothin special. The most special for this year which is cny fall on same day wif valentine's. So, those who are single, can celebrate wif family :)

As usual...... after the reunion dinner, is time for us to go out....... I still remember when we still a kid..... we waiting for cny coz waiting to  play fireworks, get ang pau  but when we grow up, we wont get excited for this thing. At least i'm not. hahahaha....... so, wat we do on cny???? of coz clubbing and drink thru the nite  :)

Hanging out wif my jimuiz and goin club wif babe  :) I seems like lot of entertainment but this year of cny, i dun have the new year feel. I mean this year is the worst.... wheather is hot, lot of things happen and tats why this year i dun have the mood for cny  :(

But i do enjoy seeing all my ji muiz bck, and some frens came bck frm far away. Really miss them so much  :)

Cheron & Me

Cheron ♥  Me ♥ Queen's

Crystal ♥  Me

Sabrina, Me, Chiao Yung, Chun Zhu, Caryn

Me, Queen & Michael aka Gor

Babe hui min ♥ Me

Jasmine, celest, Me, Yin li, Ping Siang, Prue chu

All my longest and best ji muiz.....   :) ♥ u guys....... you guys will here for me when i needed u guys.

Place: Breeze Cafe & c9

Even this year of chinese new year nothing special for me, but able to meet bck my ji muiz and some old frens. I'm so happy coz i din see them like an ages di....... Really miss those old days  :) Hope we can gathering more.....

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