Wednesday, February 10, 2010

^^ PhotoShootiN Moments ^^

Together wif Veronica, Bibisam, Eliz, Allan, Dennis and few people (all together 9 ppl) goin for a photoshootin at Damai Laut. It's located at Lumut. Its a 4 star resort and formerly known as Swiss-Garden Resorts & Spa Damai Laut. If you guys intrested to go, you can google it.

We started our journey about 2pm and the wheather is so hot. We haven't eat our breakfast, we are so hungry and need find something to eat but they rushing for photoshootin. So, we have to find our food at the resort. Honestly, food really not good and price are expensive. But we got no choice coz we are hungry  :p

It's really a nice place especially when the sunset time. It's so beautiful. Hope i can go again  :) Veron and Eliz having their photoshoot session. While me, walking around to look for the place, sitting tere listening to the wave sound and relax my mind.

I'll be the God, they praying at me ... hahahahah  =)

Can you imagine how beautiful is this????

Not sure when this picture is taken.  :p

Veron xxx me

View of the resort  =)


I'm admiring the sunset

Sunset time  =)

Enjoying my food but taste not really good and price are hella expensive. Hhahahah.... we keep complaining about the price while eating  :p

Place: Damai Laut, Lumut

It's really enjoyable. Planning to go again bcoz i really love beach. Beach is really a place for relaxing. Food is quite expensive coz this is the resort price but is a great place to take picture, have a sea activity, relaxing, doing spa..... wow~~~ feels like goin holiday again  :p woohoooo.........

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