Wednesday, February 3, 2010

♥ Sharing the love ♥

Here comes up with some photo. Another outing wif babes and some guys  =) I'm so happy coz i'm able to share my story & picture with u guys...  *i like it* Everytime i look bck this photo, i will smile  *Not Crazily* this is my memories wif my frens  =)

This make me more ♥  to blog all the time now. Hey....I'm going to Singapore soon. I'm not sure i still got time to blog everyday day like now  =(  Leaving my homeland again, kinda sad but is earning money time!!!!! I need to go.

Happen a lot of things since i moved bck from KL but thanks to Queenie. Thanks to Hui Min too, she alwiz give me a lot of opinion and her concern *sweet*. Never forget my new friend Giz and Vicky too. They always there for me and we alwiz hanging around and share our story to each other. I do enjoying my life now  =) Thanks babe~~~ I love u all so much *muacksssss*

queenie xxx me

We done this when we at home & we got nothing to do at all..... hahahah *silly*

We took this at Giz house  =)

hohohoh.... trying to be Deejay... i wish i could too =)

hui min xxx me

Ohhh my another babe, hahahah... thanks for everything  =)

I ♥ this picture  =)

Another outing  =)

Place: Random, IpOh

Is my past few months photo, but i like to share it again. I love them. They will be here for me, whenever i need them  =) so sweet of you guys. There is still more lovely & outing photo i want to share it. Huhuhu... cny is comin and babe hui min is bck!!!!!! Can't wait to club wif her & crazy wif her  =) can't wait for the day. Ohhhh ya.... valentine is comin too....♥♥
hmmm..... not sure how is my valentine's going to be this year :p but is fall on the same day of cny. It should be happening at the club this year  =)

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